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With or without flan, the narrator pushes the template of Treasure Island down the throats of everyone in her life, her sister and parents, her boss, her best friend, and the small band of characters she meets along her quest for adventure.


They ask the central question: Why Treasure Island? It is the ur-text for the boyish fantasy mind, much as Anne of Green Gables or Little House on the Prairie inflame the incipient imaginations of girls. TI is also the source material for the pirate iconography that has become so steadfast a part of our culture that a trip through the Pirates of the Caribbean ride at Disney World or, for purists, Disneyland, is on a par with visiting Mount Rushmore.

Actually, it is more important than visiting Mount Rushmore. Come on, everybody sing! Treasure Island suffers no sissies.


Similarly, Treasure Island!!! In both novels, long sojourns into the psyche are not present, unless, in the case of the former, staving off the DTs counts.

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How great a stir can be caused by sitting still? Yet here we have a woman who does not sit still. She may appear male in many of her attitudes no tears shed over that fractured relationship!!

The Treasure of Sara Madre ()

It seems that only a certain kind of trouble will do. The narrator does so many awful things in the name of such virtues that they begin to distort before our eyes. Nowhere are the so-called heroic deeds more comic and painful than when, self-deprived of home and livelihood, Jim-Girl moves back in with her parents, joining her sister, who has also moved home, in a competition for Most Disgraced Daughter. With our adventuress installed in a rambling ranch-style house, rather than on the bounding main, she begins to churn the waters within. This home is located on the campus of Indiana University and parking is tricky.

Treasure Hunt

My advice, grab the first parking space you come to within five-six blocks of the home. I got lucky and found a place, right out in front. I arrived within ten minutes of opening time, which I am sure contributed to finding that place. Historical homes are gems. The midwest in particular offers several unique properties worth exploring.

Each historical home showcases something special and the Wylie House Museum in Bloomington is no exception, as I saw a Christmas Cactus blooming in March. When had she ever, like Jim Hawkins, broke from her friends, raced for the beach, stolen a boat, killed a man, and eliminated an obstacle that stood in the way of her getting a hunk of gold?

BONES -- Booth & Brennan - Treasure *for Sara & Sandra*

Treasure Island!!! Is her first novel. Home Catalog Treasure Island!!! Sara Levine Treasure Island!!!

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