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Tags will update as chapters do. Bloom was sent to Earth when she was a young child, when her kingdom was destroyed. She was sent to London in the 80s. She was adopted by Lily and James Potter as their daughter, thus becoming a younger sister to Harry Potter. After the attack on Halloween Night —Voldemort wasn't killed exactly. He still looms in the dark shadows, waiting, seeking out someone who might resurrect him back to life as he tries to figure out other ways to come back to the Wizarding world.

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Follow the two siblings as they enter Hogwarts a School for Witchcraft and Wizardry as they explore the world around them, and discover that the world isn't exactly split into Black and White. Secrets will be discover. Shocking and horrifying truth lies within the walls. Friendships, trusts, truths.

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The Ancestral Witches sent Griffin and Valtor on a mission to destroy a temple in the oldest parts of the universe. What happens there leaves Griffin with some important realizations about the relationship between the two of them. Maybe even more than she wanted to know and now she's left in the middle of a dangerous game of give and take.

A recon mission to Egypt gives an unexpected gift to Griffin. Or should I say, it gives two unexpected gifts to Griffin? Everyone knows how tragic it is when love becomes hate. But what word do we use for hate that becomes love? AU in which Valtor is a terrible person that falls in love with Griffin. Can his love for her save him even when she does not quite return it?

Griffin follows Valtor on one of his missions but when she has to face him, the anger in him doesn't register in her enamored mind when he's distracting her with his proximity. Set after Griffin escaped from Valtor and joined the Company of Light. Soft kisses turned into sharp words as past love turned into present hurt.

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Valtor knows the Ancestral Witches are beginning to start a war with the Magical Dimension, and while he would normally jump at the chance to rid himself of Oritel and Marion, he'd rather do so of his own accord. Because its what HE wants. Not because of his bonds. So when he discovers that Earth may hold the power he needs to break free and control the very essence of the four elements , he takes up the challenge.

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Danny is the first male witch to be born on Earth in a little over a decade, making him something Valtor just can't resist taking for himself. She thought her conscience would release her from her guilt after she'd left the Coven and turned to the Company of Light. She thought she could make up for her past mistakes, that she could make a difference. But the Company, for all their talk of goodness and warmth and love, are cold and distrusting of her.

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As they should be, she realizes. All she's done is bring them pain That doesn't make it easier to want to stay though And the more they question her and paint her to be a criminal, the more she wishes the Council would have just taken her life at the beginning. Griffin should have known better. She never should have taken Oritel and Marion up on their offer. She never should have infiltrated the Ancestral Coven.

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