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Each has a different look, style, and comprehensive history of their planet and society. The amazing art team working on Across the Void designed every alien, planet, and spaceship with breathtaking detail. They really made everything in our galaxy come to life! There's a lot going on in Across the Void in the best possible way! Can you talk a little bit about that? What were some of the challenges and highlights of writing Across the Void?

Along with playing your main character and their siblings who each have their own set of love interests! As the story continues, players will gain allegiance points for either side when making key decisions. We had a lot of different themes to hit—the war, the sense of discovery, and moments of lighthearted fun. For example, it was difficult to pin down a somber song to fit the range of all our somber scenes.

I got to really exercise my creative muscles to stay true to all the unique rules in this galaxy. Science fiction is my absolute favorite genre! Dick really knew how to create evocative dystopian futures where every facet of society was fully realized and placed a different pressure on the protagonist. I grew up watching the movie Bladerunner regularly a family fave which was based on one of his stories, so he's an inspiration for sure! I grew up watching plenty of sci-fi, but never really connected with it until I played through the trilogy.

To everyone reading along, hope you've embarked on your space adventure! Also, in case you missed it, Perfect Match: Book 2 launches this September! We've come a long way since Choices launched 2 years ago, and we hope you'll stay tuned for what we have planned next!

Step back in time to Regency-era England for our newest Choices book! This book is filled with romance, drama, and witty retorts -- everything you love from your favorite Jane Austen book, and then some.

It is a truth universally acknowledged that a new Choices book must be in want of an introduction! I cannot wait for readers to be whisked away to this brilliant world, and hope they fall in love with the time period, just as I have. We have absolutely gorgeous new artwork for the various estates you visit in the course of the story, along with all the different period dresses! We wanted to make sure that all of our players would feel that they had a way to connect with this story.

Can you talk a little bit about what that will entail?

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No major spoilers, please! Well, in true Choices fashion, you'll have several love interests to pursue, but be warned that the course of love never did run smooth Bennett was trying to marry off her five daughters! Being the daughter of a powerful family means it's all about the London Season. Will you choose to marry someone above your station or give everything up to follow your heart? This book is our first foray into historical fiction and certainly not our last! What were some of the challenges of writing in this time period? No joke, but I currently have six Regency books on my desk.

A group of us at the office even went Regency dancing to get into the spirit! Given the nature of the dances and the ratio of men to women present at a particular gathering, same-sex dancing wasn't unheard of. I have to give a shout-out to all the amazing Regency romance writers who maintain so many blogs and websites specifically dedicated to research on the Regency period! They made it so easy for newcomers to learn things like: It really made working in this period a pleasure.

We tried to strike a good balance between historical jargon and language that would be more friendly to our modern-era readers. Matching this voice was a bit of a challenge for me Darcy and Elizabeth are such strong characters with great arcs and a wonderful love story. I love the sass and the sparks that fly between the two of them. And when Darcy declares his love for Elizabeth? I squee every single time. It will not do. My feelings will not be repressed. You must allow me to tell you how ardently I admire and love you. I particularly enjoy Mary Balough and Julia Quinn.

I'm a sucker for both the book and the Keira Knightley movie. And of course, stay tuned for what's next! We've also got more romance and sci-fi on the way as well. Get ready to make your debut in high society this Monday! America's Most Eligible premieres tomorrow! It's got drama, romance, and everything you'd ever want from a reality TV show.

For more on our newest Choices book, keep reading for our writer interview:. Give us the scoop! What's America's Most Eligible about? On a scale of , how much drama will there be? America's Most Eligible is your chance to compete in a reality TV show! You'll get to pick your allies and enemies, friends and flames.

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Will you rise above the competition? There'll be plenty of opportunities for some romance or something more casual, if you prefer. Gotta practice those flirting skills somehow! What's something about America's Most Eligible that you're excited for players to encounter? We're taking the relationship system pioneered by Endless Summer and putting a reality TV spin on it! The art team has also been hard at work creating some truly breathtaking backgrounds and super hot characters.

The interactions between contestants have been super fun to write. I think players are gonna love seeing who flirts and who feuds. You can also choose to get on other contestants' bad sides, just for the drama of it all. If you've ever wanted to be a feisty and fabulous villain, now's your chance!

America's Most Eligible, like any good reality TV show, has plenty of twists and turns. What was the most challenging part of writing America's Most Eligible? We want the players to feel like they're a part of a real reality TV show, so we've planned plenty of big choices that'll have long-term consequences in the book. But of course, every twist leads to another turn, which can be challenging to pull off!

Bianca is my main girl It's so fun to see players interact with her character in the real world. I'm also a sucker for Mackenzie, I have to admit. I love me a tough girl. I have a lot of love for Mackenzie, Derek and Bianca - they're definitely people I'd hang out with in real life.

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American Idol will always have a special spot in my heart because I used to watch it with my grandma. New York and Hottie are the greatest icons of our time, tbh. The Great British Baking Show. I'm obsessed with Terrace House, a Japanese reality show that airs on Netflix. I'm actually shocked by how personally invested I become in each of the casts. Any advice for players about to play the game of love on America's Most Eligible? Play this game the way you wanna play it, not how you think you should. You'll be surprised by how much your choices affect the story!

Check back tomorrow for America's Most Eligible!

And keep a lookout for what's next Book 2 and Perfect Match: Book 2 will return in the fall. The finale quest of Pixelberry's very first game, High School Story, will come out later today. If you've played this far, consider us both impressed and endlessly grateful. Over the years, our team has released hundreds of quests and over three thousand poll questions -- getting to Level 36 in the game is no small feat.

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Last week, we took a look back at the early days of Pixelberry and High School Story. If you missed it, you can read it here. The game launched in August of A year later, our team launched a game similar in style, but different in setting: When it was time to decide what would come after HSS and HWU, we took what we'd learned from the two games and combined that with our team's prior experience in interactive fiction to make Choices.