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Munira, the schoolteacher and eventual wide-eyed prophet, is paralyzed by the shadow of his successful father, who condemned the Mau Mau but aided the crony corruption of independent Kenya. Wanja, the beauty from a broken home, learns that it was two generations of revolutionary fervor that distorted the home she grew up in. Somewhere in that history, they all believe, is the key to wisdom and justice.

But, like Faulkner writing about the American South or Shakespeare writing about England, he also understands how our obsessions with them can ennoble citizens but also can transform them into something grotesque.

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The messages of Petals of Blood can be as opaque as the history of Kenya, but in that it reflects the relationship most of us have with our own national mythos. Ngugi lived through the wrenching cultural change he writes about in Petals of Blood.

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His whole life was filtered through his Christian faith, his campaigning for more Afrocentric education, and his obsession with writing. In , he returned home from school to a less cerebral agitation: his home village had been ripped apart by an antiguerrilla campaign. After graduating from Makerere, he attended Leeds University in England, where he was introduced to Marxist and anticolonial writers. He began publishing award-winning novels, and in he started Petals of Blood , which he finished five years later at the Soviet Writers Union in Yalta.


Ngugi faced harassment thereafter but never again as seriously. Today he is an A-list academic, making the rounds at prestigious English departments around the world. In Ngugi made a life-changing train journey to Uganda; it was the first among may journeys that would lead him away from home and from the landscape, the people, the country he loved. He left behind a country wracked by the war the Kenya Land Freedom Army, also called Mau Mau, was waging against the mighty colonial government. It was a war that touched the popular imagination and was forever to change the fate of Kenya and many other countries under British rule.

For the first time peasants, the wretched of the earth, were taking the war to a highly sophisticated country with a long military history. Many expected the revolt to end quickly. Britain would triumph.

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The name Mau Mau made hearts tremble with dreams, hope, and fear. After all, he was said to turn into a bird, a stone, a white man, anything. Only those who have grown up in war-ravaged times know deep down that wars never end; they just mutate and live on in other forms. For Ngugi that war still goes on, and the mission born of it has made literature that much richer.

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Reading Ngugi is like feeling a fire, scorching your psyche, your heart, your being. Share: Share on Facebook. Add to Cart.

The Betrayal (10)

How does it show an illuminating window into labor fights of decades past? Who uses it properly and who ignores its power? What do you think Mwathi wa Mugo was? Was his voice a hallucination? The gun in his hand felt as heavy as a rock, and he was so eager to leave that he almost knocked over the lamp on Bartowski's desk in his rush to the window as he holstered it at his hip.

Le'kayor was waiting for him on the ground, hidden in the thick bushes that bordered the courtyard that was shared between their houses.

She hadn't gone in with him, the window too high for her to jump or climb. But even if she'd been able to, she wouldn't have. The growl that had started before he'd even went in was still rumbling low in her throat, part anger, part terror. They need him. Le'kayor began to tremble, the sudden loss of adrenaline leaving her weak-kneed and exhausted.

John wasn't faring much better himself, but he knew they needed to get back to their apartment before anyone spotted them. He lead the way as they belly-crawled along the small tunnel the bushes formed against the wall, the tarp that had been put down to keep weeds from growing keeping them from getting covered in too much dirt.

He knew that his daemon's fur would be covered in cobwebs by the time they reached their basement window, there wasn't much way to avoid it. Crawling along the ground as they were, she was taller than he was, which meant that all of the spiders that had learned to make their webs only on the upper branches of the bush were now having all of their hard word destroyed.

Betrayal in Its Petals, a His Dark Materials + Chuck Crossover fanfic | FanFiction

She usually stayed behind when he went to spy on Bartowski, but not tonight. Tonight's mission was too important, and once it was completed, there wouldn't time for him to come back to get her. The basement window came into view, and he pushed it open and, letting out a slow breath, crawled inside. It was funny how he didn't consider this weird anymore.

Coming in through a window at the ceiling, and crawling headfirst onto a metal shelf before jumping to the floor. It was easier for Le'kayor than it was for him, since when she went head-first, she already had her feet pointed at the ground.