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And Jackson is grappling with his own demons. They dealt with their history and made a commitment that going forward their love would get them through the ups and downs of being adults in love and everything that comes with it. Grayson does a phenomenal job of not staying away from tough and touchy situations just like real life. The characters are so well developed and the book moves at a great pace. And oh how Jackson loves Mason. I completely devoured this book and when I got to the very end, I wanted more about this new couple in my life and really hoping a couple of the secondary characters will get their own stories!

Apr 14, Amy rated it really liked it Shelves: review-books , , 4-stars. One moment. One outcome that has the power to turn your life upside down. But life took them both on unexpected roads. Eight years would pass before before these two would cross paths again.

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They both have pain and heartache to work past. What they once shared is real, and worth fighting for. But, a love like they have is a love that can withstand anything….. Stay with Me is a heartbreaking and beautiful second chance romance. This story pulled me in from the first page and had me holding my breath until the very last page. From pain and love to heartbreak and second chances. This story was beautifully written and was everything that I could ever want or need in a book by K.

Apr 20, Vanessa nessreads rated it really liked it. This second chance romance is beautifully heartbreaking. Allie and Jackson have loved each other since at a young age. After a little hiccup, they were on their way to feeling endless joy. But tragedy struck, and their relationship was changed forever.

Eight years later, Jackson returns home to Bear Creek and is bombarded with memories of what once was and with possibilities of what could have been. And the one constant was and is still is, Allie. And it leads to question, can they once again be happy together? Stay with Me hit me with the emotions from the start. This second chance romance delivers on the romance, has lovable characters and will take you on a beautifully heartfelt journey.

Apr 10, Reviews from the Heart Kimberly Anne rated it it was amazing. From the first chapter, Line. Third chapter, Sinker. Just like that, hook, line, sinker. It was inevitable, that I would fall head over heels for this one of a kind couple.

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Jackson and Allie are such a rare couple, with amazing qualities and talents, that it made it such an easy fleet, to fall face first in love with every aspect of their story. This author did an amazing job of weaving the past into the present, without missing a single important detail. Stay with me was such an emotional book, but this author made sure that it wasn't weighed down. Jackson and Allie are such powerful characters, that show great maturity in every aspect of their lives.

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Many people could learn a thing or two from them. Grayson just wrote, not only an amazing book, but one heck of humbling experience. I am forever grateful she choose to share her talents with the world, because without it, my life would be dull, and void of real life experiences. Allie shows such class and elegance. She is a rare breed, with determination that just pours out of every single molecule of her skin. She is kind and gracious and the mother that I have always dreamed to be.

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She has so much love to give, which made for a humbling experience. She doesn't let the past fester into excuse after excuse.

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She makes reading what it is supposed to be. Jackson is so perfect it hurts. I can only pray tell, my son becomes half the man he is. He is respect, and maturity, the kind you do not see often. To have a career that he has, he remains as humble as he was before the fame. He may be a character in a book, but to me he is human, a human that feels things and is not afraid to show it.

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  7. Eight years after Jackson left Bear Creek, Jackson is back in the same town, with the same girl he has loved since the third grade. Can Jackson and Allie rewrite the future? Or are they too burdened with the past? His Last Stand!!! Jackson McCoy had always been in love with Allie McAllister, when she asked him to stay with her eight years ago.

    He couldn't cause he wanted to provide financially stability for them to start their future together. So he when on a gig that was supposed to be for three months. He just never expected to reach stardom and lose so much especially the woman he loved. Now they are both back in Bear Creek, Idaho. She's a single mother of a cute boy named Mason and a divorcee. And he His Last Stand!!! And he was a damaged country music star who just wanted out of the spotlight after the tragic death of one his best-friends.

    When they first saw each other after so many years, it was as if nothing changed. But Allie wasn't willing to risk her heart again even when flame between them was burning hotter than ever. Little didn't she know that she couldn't outrun her destiny. She had people rooting for them, their biggest cheerleader was Mase.

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    The latter was so adorable, Jackson fell head over heels with him and vice versa. As they reconnected Jackson wanted Allie and Mase to be his in every way that mattered. Even when Allie's past trying to come between them, they were stronger than ever. The lovebirds got their second chance at happiness and they grabbed it with both hands.

    L Grayson. What a heart-wrenching, alluring, sexy and irresistible journey. This book has all the feels. Magnificent job by Ms Grayson! Looking forward to more! Apr 14, Amy [Book Addict Reviews] rated it it was amazing. This book is a beautiful and heartbreaking second chance romance.

    It is packed full of emotions and will punch you right in the gut. Jackson and Allie fell in love as children and once tragedy struck their relationship changed forever, or so they thought. Eight years later, Jackson has returned home and Allie is nearly divorced. So what happens when these two reconnect? Jackson is sweet, he is kind, and he has experienced so much loss in his life. He was pushed away by the one girl he loves more This book is a beautiful and heartbreaking second chance romance.

    He was pushed away by the one girl he loves more than anything, he experienced fame and fortune. He heads back to Bear Creek to start a life away for the fame. Allie is a single mother and after her divorce moved back to Bear Creek. She has taken over the inn her mother owns.


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    When she finds out that Jackson has returned home and when they run into each other they both realize that there is still something between the two of them. This story grabbed a hold of my emotions right from the start. It is a beautifully written story and everything you could ever want in a second change romance. This story deserves more than 5 stars and is one that I would highly recommend to anyone. Apr 22, Michelle Lynn rated it it was amazing. Stay with Me is a heartfelt and emotional story that draws you in from page one.