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When cooking, put it on the floor beside the stove. Or put the Ssscat mat on there with the stove off until they get the idea that they don't want to go there. They aren't too old to train as long as they're breathing. StG I love cats, but in my household, they are trained within limits to suit humans. After all, who is the dominant creature in this shitpile we call home, eh? No cats of mine are allowed on counters or tables, ever.

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And while I won't leave a chicken carcass on the counter to tempt them, they must know their place, and that's not on the table. If they step on the stove and get a little scorched, problem solved. In return, they get the coziest spots in the world to curl up in, just lower down. Leave the pans on the burner and fill them with water. Reply Bookmarks. Thread Tools Show Printable Version. BB code is On.

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Cat Protects Little Boy From the Hot Stove

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Quote by Mark Twain: “If a cat sits on a hot stove, that cat won't si”

Glory Guest. Join Date: Dec Posts: 2, Find all posts by Glory. Musicat Charter Member. Quote: Originally Posted by Infovore Which means that our cats, who have been known to get up on our counters occasionally understatement of the year now might be in danger if they jump unwittingly up onto a hot cooktop.

The cat, having sat upon a hot stove lid, will not sit upon a hot stove lid again. But he won't sit upon a cold stove lid, either. Moonlitherial Guest. Join Date: Mar Posts: 4, Find all posts by Moonlitherial.

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