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Tried to follow canon for that much. Definitely M later. Very sorry, but on hold indefinitely due to RL. Listen to the Old and Wise by ExcellentDriver reviews Booth visits his grandfather and finds out Pops is very well informed about what's going on in his life. Post 6x No spoilers. Fireworks On The DL by myboygeorge reviews Castle and Beckett have news of their own but when Lanie makes a life changing announcement, they decide to keep their 'fireworks' on the 'DL'. Will they be able to keep the surprise? Set 18 months into the future Moving In by Crimelover11 reviews This is the sequel to The Premiere, you don't really have to read that one first.

Castle is going to ask Kate to move in with him and Alexis, what will she decide. The Heat by EdwardCulleniseverything reviews Amy is feeling weird latelly and Leah is tired of waiting. The pack's new addiction will have a lot of surprises after finding she is a big bad wolf. Raping, polysome and a little incest. Very OCC. You have been warned.

Life under 1 roof, an engagement party, Kate IDs Castle's dad, wedding prep and some quick mysteries. M for safety. It's CompliKated by Johnny Devlyn reviews I took Kate's comment "It's complicated"- in regard to Castle- as a personal challenge and decided to uncomplicate things.

I apologize for the terrible pun, but it amused me. Also, I've rewritten several parts beginning in chapter five. Cuffed Castle by Duchess of Strumpetness reviews Castle is tied up doing research for his latest Nikki Heat novel and Kate unexpectedly becomes his inspiration with some help from Lanie.

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Reviews feed the plot bunnies so please hit that little 'review' button. If you haven't read that Caskett, of course. Insight x Action Change by dilero reviews S3 possibility. Manipulated timeline. Just in case it might be h.. What Was Left Unsaid by ExcellentDriver reviews Booth and Brennan come back from their sabbatical year with huge news, but none of them is exactly what the other was expecting to hear.

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Post Season 5 Finale. Keeping Her There by ribbonandbuttons reviews He had went to Somalia to avenge her death and it turned into something else completely. He ended up saving her and bringing her back. Now all he had to do was keep her there, and he did, by the only way he knew, being there himself. The Crease in the Page by bunny reviews Sometimes the best comfort can be found in a well-worn favorite book. Thank you everyone for the reviews!

I appreciate your feedback. But now they're both there, together.

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  • He spars with Beckett, and the end result isn't pretty. Enjoy and please review. Life, Death, or worse by VCLvcl reviews Beckett has 24 hours to find Castle and Alexis after they are kidnaped by a crazy person going from state to state taunting cops to catch him by taking loved ones. Slaying Dragons by Callie Ryan reviews Something unexpected, even by Castle's standards, leads Kate on an emotional journey - with a little help from her friends.

    The Do Over by Neuropsych reviews Another convention. Will they make it there this time? And if they do, what then? Tony is confronted with the man he used to be, and the people who believe he doesn't have the capacity to have become a better man. Last night on earth by Caffeine-Faerie reviews Songfic, Booth witnesses how the fallout from his break-up with Hannah has affected the Jeffersonian, and Brennan in particular. Was a oneshot, now expanded.

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    Parker's Help by chymom reviews Needing help with school work Parker calls his dad. What help does he get and what help does he give? Bad summary please give it a look please.

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    The rating change due to content in a few chapters ahead. AU for now and written for the DFT crowd. Rick is in the Hamptons, there's murder, and he needs help.

    The Ministry institutes a new Marriage Law. Weasley said. Fun In The Sun by hallow reviews It's hot. It's humid. It's summer. Kate and her father decide to make use of the guest pass she has for the pool in Castle's apartment. Besides, there's only a small chance that the Castle clan would decide to use the pool that day too, right? Swinging for the Fences by Dispatch reviews Oh gosh, this one is smut-tastic. Y'all know I'm spoiler free,but i heard there was a spoiler today.

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    So this is just to combat that. Some hard,sexy, Booth-in-control smut. Let me know what you think! Meanwhile,I'll be blushing! Reunion by softer reviews An invitation, an even, and a date. Well, a non-date. Never Again by dilero reviews At some point you have to acknowledge what has been done and make a decision.

    Blurred Reality by susanatc reviews Sometimes the lines between what is real and what is pretend can be a little blurry. Especially to those standing so close to those lines. And once those lines are blurred, how easy is it to redraw them? Always my sister, always my friend by Michalice W reviews There's a new woman in Castle's life Set after season finale - post summer.

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    Christine Seeley Keenan by sirscreen reviews When Booth died, she burned every bridge she had and raised his daughter. Now, his former protege' has taken Christine to DC, and is forcing her to dig up the past and forcing her to come to terms with his death. Oliver reviews Hermione lost it all when she divorced. Draco would lose it all by age 30 if he didn't marry. Marriage to each other would be perfect, one would even say it was most convenient.

    Her daughter even looked like him, although, he wondered why that was. They both try to avoid what went down between them after talking to Sweets and after Booth's confession Reviews are appreciated! They come to a mutually acceptable agreement.

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    SMUT ensues. Loud And Clear by Taija reviews Things get hot in the observation room and Castle decides he wants to make Beckett scream. Pure smut.